Demeter & Bombalurina

Sensually lying across the stage and moving with elegance these two beautiful Jellicle Queens are best friends and are rarely seen apart… Their remarkable friendship contains some contrasting traits and they use this to their advantage.

Ladylike and mature, Demeter seems uninterested by Rum Tum Tugger but is extremely paranoid of Macavity and his whereabouts. Beneath her dignified shell, she is a tortured soul and always looks to her best friend for help in uncomfortable situations.

Bombalurina is the more self-possessed, flirtatious cat of the two. Although she’s confident, kind and touching, she can also be harsh. This personality is shown when she is angry towards Grizabella, although she eventually grows to respect and welcome her.

These two young adults both share a stirring hatred towards Macavity and his sly, evil personality, shown through their duet ‘Macavity: The Mystery Cat’ and this ultimately creates an even stronger bond between them.


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