Tia was a student at the Centre for Performing Arts in Adelaide (her home town) for two years and graduated in 1982.  She spent seven months of 1983 as a member of the North Queensland Ballet (now Dance North) in Townsville and after danced for a short period with the Tasmanian Dance Company.  In January 1984 she joined the Australian Dance Theatre and spent three years with the company- She has worked with a variety of Australian and overseas choreographers, performed with musicians like Steven Cummings (ex-Sports) and choreographed for workshop.  She has toured South East Asia, also performing for the Royal Family of Thailand.  January 1987-July 1988 saw Tia working with Dance North in Townsville, touring South East Asia again, performing in the King’s Festival and communist regions such as Vietnam and Laos.  Tia’s experience also extends to choreography in which she has made two pieces for the Dance North repertoire.  Recently she worked at the World Expo 88 performing with the Expo City Dance Company.  Prior to the above Tia studied music for eight years and was accepted into the Conservatorium in Adelaide, but decided to pursue dance.